4 Easy Ways to Speed up Your Website for SEO

The most frustrating thing for the user is to wait for the website to load. When I heard that in the late 2014 Google would take into account the loading speed of the website and put bad impression for those websites which are slower.  

It was a big step to make the internet faster and easy to navigate. The web should be fast, and it should snap and respond quickly to any query. If you are worried about slow loading, you can consider these things to get started.

  1. Using Flash

Use of Flash on websites is very cool; you can do a lot of amazing things with flash and I like flash websites, but when you are using flash on your website it will take some time to load. It is reasonable to build a website without a flash, but if you do not want to remove flash, then you need to use it in excess.

You can enhance the user experience with flash rather than covering the whole website in a flash. It will help your website to work faster, and you can also compress the files to load faster.

There is another frustrating thing when a visitor visits a flash website, and they cannot load the flash website because they do not have the latest version of the flash player. Provide a link to upgrading the flash player, so that they can easily navigate through your website.

  1. Using Images

Images are important to attract the attention of the visitors on your website, but sometimes some of the images take a lot of time to load. You can overcome this problem by compressing the image files.

I had a problem while I was reducing the size of the images, their quality decreased while reducing the size. You can use any good image software or any online service to resize your image to your needs.

Always try not to reduce the quality of images because the quality of images is the important thing to consider. Compressing the images will help you to load your website faster, and it will increase the user experience as well.

  1. Using Java Scripts

Java scripts are mainly used to load advertisements such as Google AdSense or any other third party JavaScript code. You need to avoid the java scripts as much as possible, but it is the necessity as well.

You can compress your java code to make it load even faster; the best tip to compress the JavaScript code is to look for online Java compression website. It will help your website to load faster.

You can also use the third party java scripts after compression, but when there is some problem with the JavaScript provided by the third party it might affect your website to load slower.

  1. Use Less Widgets

Using the widgets on your website and blog is great; you can easily put many things through the widgets. When I started blogging, I put too many widgets to make my blog look more attractive, but the loading time was significantly increased, and at that time I couldn’t figure out the problem.

Later on, I found it was due to too many widgets on the blog. It might take a lot of time for the users with a slow connection, and after reducing the widgets, speed was increased.

You need to have a fast loading website to maintain good user experiences. When, your website takes too much time to respond, the visitors will get irritated and will have a bad thought about your web. Also slow loading speed will put a bad impact on Search Engine optimization.

The simplest way to build a subscription Site with WordPress blogs


The fantastic thing about a subscription site is that if an individual market something it is possible to provide a month absolve to your own regular membership website since reward consequently making your products simpler to offer and producing multiple avenues of income in one consumer.

Additionally, everyone loves to understand when you possess great articles and you also want to spread out in the form of a web-based program really do not think than a membership website. Your training course material my partner and I. Elizabeth. Module the first is delivered right then and there which they join and make use of step by step segments all will be at hand month after month.

An important feature about a subscription website is that after it really is in position and all this content or quests will be in location and ready to become sent it is possible to leave it to start your following task knowing that a single site may produce a significant revenue for many years.

WP the new Normal

Live journal using its easy-to-use plug-in architecture will be quickly becoming a regular on the web these days, making it very simple for you to experience a fully working web site upwards and prepared in a matter of hrs.

For most WordPress is simply a weblog, but it is really so much more with new plug-ins appearing each day!

The particular plug-in now I’m referring to nowadays may flip your WordPress website right into a completely functional regular membership site that is totally integrated into the auto responder and shopping cart software.

One of the benefits is, you can make use of. Just unzip, add as well as within minutes you’ll have your own account web site ready to go.

Forms of Membership Web site

When you hear “Membership Sites” it really is most likely you see a web site posting continuous content.

‘M My partner and I correct?

Yet what if I mentioned that we now have numerous “types” regarding account sites.

Take a peek…

1) Continuing Content material — here’s your standard membership site. Basically you provide fresh content material regularly and individuals spend month to month to access that articles every time they would like. These content marketing will allow you to expand your visibility.


2) Safeguarded Obtain Region: Let’s say you sell any kind of electronic digital product; you’ll want to prevent leakages powering a membership.


Simply because that way you are able to prevent individuals coming from moving the data to be able to other people who haven’t acquired it for and you may block their particular access whenever they request a return.

3) FedEx Method — this kind of membership is used once you supply a “package” associated with content in your associates monthly.

These people are part of your own regular membership for them to receive this particular “package” each month.

One example would have been a Plr rights regular membership. With individuals’ memberships they supply the package deal regarding Private label rights articles each month.

4) Training course Components — Let’s say you sell any type of course which has “Modules”, you then should think about getting this in to an account web site.

Once you pick the best account computer software, you are able to automatically deliver every module in a defined moment so that everything is automatic.

Like that you may create the program once, but next folks could sign up and receive the training course one element at any given time.

5) Micro Continuity – This kind of regular membership was developed well-liked simply by Russell Brunson and also essentially it requires providing articles for any fixed period of time.

It really is similar to running a “modular course” in places you automatically provide content but more than a set period of time (3-6 several weeks).

6) Project Management System – Owning a virtual enterprise often means you might be working together with vendors around the world.

With the proper membership solution, you will soon create a “private membership” for the organization.

Simply create a regular membership level for every “position” inside your business then develop a portion of your internet site just for individuals who are part of in which placement (webmaster, designer, customer support etc.).

10 Blogging Tips and Tricks


It is becoming very tough to rank your blog on the internet for the huge competition. But the first thing is to write compelling blog posts that offer help for the viewer.

I think it is a wonderful idea to share some simple tips that could make your blogging easier and more enlightening to your readers.

Don’t Ramble

When you write your post think about your reader, don’t ramble on with extra things that might not interest your reader. Re-read your own post and see if it is not rambling on.


Offer helpful advice

If you have something to offer, do it! Let your reader know how to do something, where to buy something or anything that might be helpful to your reader.

Make it personal

Do you have a story that relates to your post? If so tell your story to your reader and engage them with your individual thoughts.

Links, link & more links

If you can link to other blogs that have a similar post, not only does it spread the love around, but it could get you some backlinks in the future.

Don’t get too technical

If you are writing a post that explains something make sure you do it in baby steps. Not everyone reading your blog will be at the same level as you. You don’t want your reader to be sitting at their screen with their eyes glazed over do you?


Be happy

Always try to put a happy face on your posts. Try and write your post like you are smiling when you are writing. Nobody like a sour puss and if you are mad or mean it will turn some readers off.

Post often

Try to post as much as you can, this will build your readership. Nobody likes to read a blog that has not been updated in months. If you can, set a schedule for your posts, if you can’t post everyday then try three times a week, or every Friday. Try different ideas and experiment with them. Do not make your blog gets stale.

Get the word out

Don’t just leave your post on your blog, go Tweet about it on Twitter, post it on Facebook, make sure your feeds are working, better yet get them on feed burner. The more publicity you get to your posts the better your readership will be.

Spelling counts

The number one turn-off for me when reading blog posts is spelling errors. It is easy to make sure your posts are spelled correctly; most browsers have a spell checker built right in that checks as you are typing your post.

Approve comments

If your blog has comment moderation (I am sure it does) make sure you support your comments as soon as possible so that your readers don’t have to wait to see their comments posted. Also, this averts multiple comments stating the same